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What We Do

Success often depends on getting your message exactly right. Whether you are writing a book or a business plan, sharp editing can make all the difference.

rofessional communications are a critically important component in shaping the way a company or individual is perceived in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive environment.  What we do at Edit Pro is work with you to ensure that all of your communications are as targeted, accurate, and effective as possible.

If you are a writer of books or screenplays, we work with you in much the same manner to ensure that your narrative—whether it is fiction or non-fiction—is well organized and error-free.

The Writing and Editing Process

Writing is a collaborative process in which we learn from you what your basic intent is and who your target audience is, so that we can then assist you in crafting the exact language that will fit your purposes. 

It all begins with the process of editing, which consists of proofreading and grammar editing, along with the re-construction of text as necessary to improve its general clarity and eliminate such items as insider acronyms and too-technical jargon.  New content is then written as necessary to enhance or clarify your message.

Tracking Changes

Writing and editing are accomplished using the “Track Changes” tool available in Microsoft Word, so whenever possible (and to save time), we ask that your documents be sent to us in Word format.  If this is not possible, as is often the case when a website is already live, we will convert your text to Word format during our editing process. 

When we are finished, we will provide you with the “tracked changes” version of your document so that you may easily refer to any changes made and make adjustments as you wish.


From Marty Best, President of Percept Technology Labs
Boulder, CO 

 “When our company was recently faced with a fast-approaching deadline for one of our major national clients, Nancy stepped in and produced the White Paper we needed—even working through the Memorial Day weekend to get it finished.  I really don’t know what we would have done without her at this critical time.”


From  Wayne Coker, Author
Denver, CO 

“My new book about business organizational architecture and development was several years in the making. With such a long incubation time, I was quite naturally ready to move into the final pre-publication stages, but I needed exactly the right editor—someone who not only was a master of the English language, but who also had the maturity to provide me with critical input regarding structure and organization. Nancy did this and played a vital role in cleaning up countless detail-oriented issues. With her help, the book became a smoother, much more accessible read. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”



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