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Long experience with thousands of pages of content has taught us that documents can often be categorized into four levels of editing, which we have summarized for you here.  In order to get an idea of the type of work your project requires, we suggest you take a look at these levels so we can be “on the same page” when we discuss your needs.

Whether it is basic proofreading or more extensive editing and re-writing, we work by the hour at the rate of $38. We will provide you with a final document, as well as a reference document containing all “tracked changes” so that you can easily view the changes made to your original.  If further explanations or suggestions are warranted, an additional edit report will also be provided.

Getting Started

We begin by discussing your project with you to get a clear picture of your objectives and timelines so that we can offer you the most effective and cost-efficient approach.  Next, we request that you send us your document — and any other pertinent information — so that we can assess the project accurately, get back to you with a cost estimate, and answer any questions you may have.

We have found that — particularly for longer projects — it is sometimes best to begin with a trial run, wherein we initially edit an agreed-upon number of pages so that we can more closely determine how much time in editing and collaboration with you will be involved, and you can then determine whether you wish to green-light the project.

Once you are comfortable with our work proposal, we'll send you an invoice which you may pay via check or PayPal.  As soon as we receive your check or notification of payment from PayPal, we’ll be able to begin work on your project.

Our assessment is free of charge and you are under no obligation whatsoever.  Your documents are secure with us and will be destroyed after 60 days if we do not commence a working arrangement.  To get started, please call us at 720-379-5992 or email your project to us at  We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Level 1:  Proofreading and Light Editing
This level is considered to be the final check of a well-written and mostly edited document.  We carefully read and correct for common mistakes such as:

  • Subject and verb agreement
  • Grammar and spelling (Spell Check is imperfect, as you probably already know!)
  • Verb and noun tenses
  • Omitted words
  • Punctuation (including hyphenation, quotations, apostrophes, parentheses)
  • Capital letters and numbers
  • Italics, underlining, and bolding

Level 2:  Basic Editing
In addition to Level 1 services, Basic Editing involves more detailed work with specific attention to the:

  • Rearrangement of sentences and paragraphs to improve the organization and logical flow of your material
  • Substitution of appropriate adjectives and adverbs to avoid overuse and enhance impact
  • Correction of abbreviations and the overuse of acronyms or industry-specific references
  • Basic formatting required to assist page readability
  • Consistency in pronoun use (he/she/they)
  • Editing of language to promote clarity of expression  
  • Consistency of “voice” in writing style  (first-person vs. third-person, for instance)

Level 3:  Advanced Editing
In addition to the two previous levels of editing, Advanced Editing consists of—not only editing—but also re-writing portions of the document in order to correct common problem areas or resolve certain issues such as:

  • Awkward sentence construction or unclear wording
  • Poor organization and presentation of content
  • Lack of sophistication in choice of language, which can be corrected by varying sentence structure and upgrading vocabulary
  •  “Accessibility” and readability issues, which can be corrected by inserting sections or re-arranging existing ones
  • Lack of clarity or emphasis, which can be resolved by the substitution of more suitable headlines and sub-heads

Level 4:  Re-writing and Original Copy Writing
This level encompasses all the services described in the previous three categories, plus an enriched level of original content.   To determine if it is appropriate for your project (either for all of it or for certain portions of it), ask yourself these questions:

  • Was your document compiled from several sources?  For instance, was it compiled by several staff members, resulting in different formats or a disjointed exposition of the information?
  • Is your document basically still in draft form?  
  • Does your current content need upgrading or changing to fit a different format (as in the conversion of a press release into a feature article—or a feature article into a marketing piece)?
  • Does the document lack a clear sense of purpose, which can be resolved by the addition of appropriate introductory and closing statements?
  • Does your current content need alteration to fit a different target market?
  • Are you in need of a ghostwriter to generate an article or speech for you?
  • Do you need crisp, relevant new content written for your website or marketing pieces?
  • Would you like to gain a fresh perspective—a new set of eyes and ideas—for upgrading your old copy?