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Organize Your Manuscript’s Pages


Once you have your manuscript written and edited, you will need to further organize it for publication.  There are quite a few auxiliary pages to consider including.  Some of these, such as a title page, are mandatory; others are optional.  The pages you choose to include will depend upon the type of book you have written and your personal choice as to what additions are appropriate. 


Most authors include some, but not all of these in this list.  You will probably find that it is helpful to take a look at how other books in your genre are organized.  This list starts with those pages that are mandatory and continues with other pages according to generally accepted placement within a book. 


Mandatory Pages

Title page

Copyright page (these two can be combined into one page)


Front of the Book

Endorsements  (or “Acclaim/Praise for [your book title]”)

Dedication  (short, not to be confused with Acknowledgements [see below])

Epigraph  (quotation/s)

Foreword/Introduction/Prologue  (usually only one of these)

Table of Contents  (often shortened to “Contents”)*

Back of the Book

Epilogue  (what happened afterward/is happening in the present)

Acknowledgements  (thank-you’s)

About the Author

Notes  (foot/end notes)


Illustrations/Photographs (these can also be inserted in the middle or throughout the book)



*Contents can be broken into Part 1, Part 2, etc., within which are contained chapters.



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