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Marketing Your Book: The Next Step

Once you have written your book or screenplay and gotten it edited into a solid format, the next challenge is marketing it effectively. This involves a series of steps designed to attract your target audience and ensure your success.

Thinking in terms of reaching your audience—whether it is a literary agent, publisher, or individual reader—requires you to switch gears a bit, but it’s not an impossible task. Decisions must be made about such things as format (e-book and/or print), the composition and targeting of query letters—and last but not least, publicity.

Fortunately, with the internet at your fingertips, publicity is something that can be accomplished now at a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional publicist. It’s all about getting in front of people, and the broad term for it in this day and age is “internet marketing.”

Internet Marketing
Creating the buzz you need to sell your work starts with a basic website or blog that will help you achieve a high Google ranking—and the visibility you need.  Our own Quinn Alison is an expert website developer who can help you with a basic site that features you and your work.  He is also a whiz at SEO (search engine optimization), so let us know if this is an avenue you want to look into.

Marketing and publicity can, of course, be pursued successfully through any number of other outlets such as Facebook or Twitter—or anywhere else where you can generate some buzz—viral marketing being the objective.

Making a video or two and posting to YouTube is also a method many authors have used successfully.  You can talk directly into the camera or have someone interview you about your book, your thoughts—whatever.  Planning what to say is critical, though, because viewers have itchy fingers and only so much time, so you need to grab their interest from the start—and never let go.  Also be sure to tag your video (and any photos you post) properly with keyword phrases that will relate to your book or screenplay. 

In the End

There are multiple options and channels to pursue, so when it comes to accomplishing your goals, you are really only limited by your imagination and determination.  One thing’s for sure, though, there are more books and screenplays being published every year than ever before.  And they don’t just sell themselves!




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