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Business Editing

A seasoned editor who can bring a fresh perspective to a project is an invaluable asset.  The reason for this?  It’s virtually impossible to edit yourself.  Once you’ve worked and re-worked your material and gotten the input of others on your team, it can become all too easy to miss simple mistakes, such as words that were dropped in a cut-and-paste operation.


As business editors, we have been helping people for over 25 years, and we understand that the written word is often what presents your “face” to the world—and success can depend upon getting your content and your message exactly right.


Business Articles

We have written the following articles specifically for business people. Many of them in this list are oriented toward sales and marketing, but the last two are devoted to the subjects of business plan development and raising investment capital.


From Nate McEachen, President of TerraFrame

Denver, CO

 As an enterprise software development company specializing
in ontological programming, we recognize that it takes care and special insight to fully explain what we do.  Nancy Hutchins is
the perfect editor, for she caught the details of punctuation
and grammar that we
missed and helped us turn out
a professional pr

From Robert Carmichael, President of
Carmichael Productions

Boulder, CO

“When our film company needed an experienced editor to proofread copy for an important film proposal we were presenting, Nancy took on the task and graciously helped us correct typos and tighten up our text. Under the pressure of a deadline, she delivered a clean document that we had great faith in.  Nancy Hutchins comes highly recommended.”

From Tomas Brikman, President of Interneka
Bucharest, Romania

"Because we are a Romanian company with sophisticated affiliate marketing software, we wanted to sell into the English language market, focusing primarily on the United States.  We discovered, however, that we were being held back by our poor web site translation.  Nancy thoroughly edited and converted our rough efforts into American English, and as a direct result, we have seen our sales increase dramatically.”



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