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Book Editing

As experienced, professional book editors, we have done it all—everything from ghostwriting, using mere wisps of information on which to build a narrative, to very light editing of highly polished manuscripts and screenplays.


We have found that everyone has a story to tell—and often more than one. The trick is to tell it in a compelling, cohesive way with characters that shine and a storyline that engages. Even when the book is non-fiction (as many of our editing projects are), the general guidelines for presenting the information and creating reader interest remain the same as they do for fiction.


No matter the genre, however, books and screenplays have their own rules and regs when it comes to writing.  Although there is a great deal of latitude nowadays regarding grammar (especially with fiction), the old established order of where and how to place quotation marks, for example, still needs to be strictly adhered to by anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a writer.


And this is exactly where we come in—because expert editing is an essential part of the equation. 


Book Editing Resources


We have prepared a series of articles that run the gamut from how to avoid common grammatical errors to how to copyright your work—and much more.  

From James Taylor, Attorney & Author
Dallas, TX 

 “When I started writing my first book, I knew I would need a really sharp editor to work with me and generally pick up the pieces, so to speak.  I am a bankruptcy attorney and know my subject matter backwards and forwards, but I needed help with some of my writing and the book’s organization.  Nancy provided exactly that—and more.  She is not only technically proficient at editing, but she was also extremely helpful when it came to explaining
complex legal issues in layman’s terms.” 

From Jason Zhang, Screenwriter
San Francisco, CA

“If you are lucky enough to find an editor who understands screenplays, your ability to turn out a solid product will be greatly enhanced.  Nancy Hutchins is a superb, experienced editor who also brings maturity and life experience to a project. This is invaluable when it comes to discussing plot lines and characters.  
I found Nancy to be indispensable and highly
recommend her to other writers.”

From Alice Adamek, Author
Broomfield, CO

“Anyone who has ever written a book knows the struggle to get all those words and ideas in your head converted into a story line
that flows seamlessly from the page to the reader. It's an
all-consuming task, and I have learned that a strong editor is a critical partner in the process.  I currently have two additional books in the making and wouldn't dream of having anyone but Nancy do my editing.  She knows her stuff!”


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